Dynamics 365 – Uninstalling Microsoft Portals – Steps


Those who have tried Uninstalling Microsoft Portals or ADX portals are well aware it is extremely painful task. It will be even more painful if the Portal customizations done are no managed properly in a solution.

I had to do this task recently, for my learning as well as a POC, and below are the steps I did.


I have performed the below steps myself and these is what I done to uninstall the solution successfully.


When installing CRM Portal, multiple CRM solutions get imported.  Some of the solutions include Core portal features and others include specific functionality (i.e. Customer Portal or Employee Self Service).  When installing the solutions, the core solutions gets installed first and then the specific ones.  Once installed, you may then have done customisations to the portal solution.


To uninstall we need to follow the steps in reverse order:

1.      Undo customisations

2.      Uninstall specific solutions

3.      Uninstall core solutions


For example, for a Customer Service portal, uninstall below solutions first.

I.                    Undo Customizations:

  1. Remove the portal related components from your solution
  2. Remove the portal forms and views from the Custom App/ Sitemap that you created.
  3. Remove all portal related customizations performed – remove portal related fields on your forms/ plugins/ JS/ Workflows/ actions etc.

[This is why it is necessary to have all portal customizations in a single place]

II.                  Uninstall Specific Solutions in below order (if present):

  1. MicrosoftIdeasWorkflows
  2. MicrosoftIdeas
  3. MicrosoftForums
  4. MicrosoftBlogs
  5. Feedback
  6. KnowledgeManagement
  7. MicrosoftAzureStorage
  8. MicrosoftBingMapsHelper
  9. CustomerService
  10. CustomerPortal


III.                Then uninstall the core solutions in this order:

  1. WebNotification
  2. MicrosoftGetRecordIDWokrflowHelper
  3. MicrosoftIdentity

[Special Note – This solution Contains a Custom Workflow which is used in Dialogs for Portal – for Change password and other workflows. It will show in Dependencie when you delete, I manually removed the dialog steps to uninstall]

  1. MicrosoftIdentityWorkflows
  2. MicrosoftIdentitySystemWorkflows
  3. MicrosoftCrmPortalBaseWorkflows
  4. MicrosoftCrmPortalBaseSystemWorkflows
  5. Portal TImeline
  6. MicrosoftWebForms
  7. MicrosoftCrmPortalBase
  8. MicrosoftCrmPortalDependencies


[NOTE – I referred this from a Dynamics Forum answer, I had pasted in a notepad. Unfortunately I could not find the forum answer again to credit the person. In any case, I have updated the steps based on what I encountered.]


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