Customizing Entity Icons for Unified Interface – Dynamics 365 v9

With D365 v9 release, we have the new Unified Interface.


When I started working with it, I observed that I cannot see the entity icons in the navigation even though I had uploaded but 16*16 and 32*32 icons for the entity.

I was also able to see the Entity icons in the web interface for the entity but not in the Unified Interface.


In v9, we now have to specify the Icon for Unified interface separately. It is available in the Update Icons popup as a separate tab,

We have to update the icon in this area. The image size should be 16 *16, and it suggests that we should use SVG image for better results. I tried SVG and PNG images both, and both are working properly in the unified interface.

Suggestion in the Update icons section for Unified Interface:

“Select icons to use in the Web Client and Unified Interface. For best results, use a scalable vector graphic (.svg) icon with transparency enabled.”

Screenshots below for steps to update icons for Entity in the Unified Interface.






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