Dynamics 365 Tip: Sending Emails using Unified Interface

The unified client which was released D365 V9 had a very refreshing UI and lots of features.

One of the best features in Unified Interface was Timeline view, but the timeline view did not have ability to send emails.

The Unified client has a new Email UI with rich text controls and advanced editor. This was not released till recently. So the new environments after v9.0.1.xx have the ability to send emails using the Unified Client.

Now you can send Emails using Unified Client like below:Screenshot_1

Modern Email Editor:Screenshot_3

Below are some of the features of new Email Editor:

  1. Designer, HTML and Preview tabs will allow users to view and format the content across different form factors.
  2. A bunch of controls and features provided like advanced styling, linking, find and replace, and insert images and tables will be made available on the email activity and will allow users to format the email instead of relying on external tools or solutions.

Note: The Email Editor is not available on D365 Phone App and App for Outlook. It will show all other activities but not email.Screenshot_4

Happy CRMing !

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