New D365 Admin portal and new way to access Organization Insights

Lot of D365 Administrators would have observed that we no longer see the Organization Insights solution on AppSource anymore.

This is because you can now see the Organization Insights on the new Administration portal for D365.

New D365 Admin Portal!

  • There is new portal for D365 Administration which is in preview. You will see the option to go to new D365 Admin Portal from the Current Admin portal screen.




  • The new portal is also called as the Power Platform since it now includes Administration of your Power Apps and CDS as well.
  • You can manage the environments, do the analytics and lot more things.


I am expecting this Portal will be upgraded and will have lot more features in future.

2 thoughts on “New D365 Admin portal and new way to access Organization Insights

  1. The new admin portal is great – but how do I get access to the reports I previously got in Organization Insights? I’ve got an environment where this wasn’t installed on production but it was on Sandbox. The sandbox appears in CDS analytics, but the Production doesn’t… I can’t figure out how to set this up for production now as Organization Insights fails to install. Any ideas?


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