CRM Tip: Issue with checking Security role GUID of custom security roles

Problem Statement: We often encounter a scenario where we need to perform some operations based on the fact if the user has a particular security role. We also know that the GUID of a custom security role created by us remains the same, even if is installed in some other environment. Consider the following scenario: … Continue reading CRM Tip: Issue with checking Security role GUID of custom security roles


CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Problem: When we try to save a datetime field from an HTML TextBox (date-picker)  to CRM using oData in JavaScript, the datetime is always saved incorrectly. Why This happens: In JavaScript, date object is always read in local timezone. But CRM always accepts date Object in UTC from any client application. Then it shows Date and Time … Continue reading CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Add Footers/ Summary in Google Grids

Problem Statement: Google Grids do not have direct implementation for adding footers to the grid. So there is no direct provision for having a fixed total row in Google Charts- table (Google grids). To achieve this, we need to add an extra row; add this row to the end of the table. We also need to ensure … Continue reading Add Footers/ Summary in Google Grids

Google Charts and Grids

Why we use charts We use graphics and charts because they help make any data More effective Interesting Easy to understand Easy to analyze and compare They also help one to present data in a logical and a consistent way. E.g. consider the example of Commission earned by individuals. The Bar Chart below shows total … Continue reading Google Charts and Grids