Role Based Forms – Dynamics CRM

In this blog, we will learn how to use Role based forms in Dynamics CRM and the best practices that should be followed when using Role based forms. What are Role Based forms Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows configuration of security roles in Entity forms. It is quite a common requirement for organizations where they want … Continue reading Role Based Forms – Dynamics CRM

Accessing Azure Blob storage from CRM Online Plugin

Blog on how to access Azure Blob storage and create document in CRM Online by reading a specific blob document in Azure.

Dynamics CRM- Rollup with Custom Hierarchies

CRM Custom hierarchies are very useful feature for maintaining hierarchy among records and also provide nice visualization of the Hierarchies. Learn more about hierarchies here: With rollup fields and custom hierarchies have become even more useful to derive and visualize meaningful data in the hierarchy. In this blog, we will use how to leverage Rollup … Continue reading Dynamics CRM- Rollup with Custom Hierarchies

Add Footers/ Summary in Google Grids

Problem Statement: Google Grids do not have direct implementation for adding footers to the grid. So there is no direct provision for having a fixed total row in Google Charts- table (Google grids). To achieve this, we need to add an extra row; add this row to the end of the table. We also need to ensure … Continue reading Add Footers/ Summary in Google Grids

Google Charts and Grids

Why we use charts We use graphics and charts because they help make any data More effective Interesting Easy to understand Easy to analyze and compare They also help one to present data in a logical and a consistent way. E.g. consider the example of Commission earned by individuals. The Bar Chart below shows total … Continue reading Google Charts and Grids