D365 V9 – Developer Updates – Part 1: Show Progress Indicator

Summary With D365 V9, there are lot of updates to Development specially in Client API/ Form Scripting in CRM. I am starting a series of blogs to cover all the new features with code samples and examples. Lets start with Xrm.Utility client API updates showProgressIndicator This function displays a dialog, where you can customize the … Continue reading D365 V9 – Developer Updates – Part 1: Show Progress Indicator

CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Problem: When we try to save a datetime field from an HTML TextBox (date-picker)  to CRM using oData in JavaScript, the datetime is always saved incorrectly. Why This happens: In JavaScript, date object is always read in local timezone. But CRM always accepts date Object in UTC from any client application. Then it shows Date and Time … Continue reading CRM TimeZone issue using JavaScript

Google Charts and Grids

Why we use charts We use graphics and charts because they help make any data More effective Interesting Easy to understand Easy to analyze and compare They also help one to present data in a logical and a consistent way. E.g. consider the example of Commission earned by individuals. The Bar Chart below shows total … Continue reading Google Charts and Grids