D365 Mobile: Auto Complete Control


CRM 2016 Introduced Auto-complete feature on web forms. This allowed us to help users in filling out data faster and easier without creating any unwanted relationships.

Sample: Auto-complete in Dynamics 365 controls

For ex, if we wanted Users to choose from list of cities, we can configure it and user will see dropdown with autocomplete.

It was great but unfortunately it was restricted to Web forms, and not extended to Mobile App.

Mobile Autocomplete:

To complete the puzzle, CRM has Autocomplete control on phone as well, but it is different to one on the Web form.

The Autocomplete control on phone is restricted only to phones. And it can be configured via Entity with data or via Option set.

This feature enables Users to save time to enter data which is more critical on phones and tablets


Example and Steps to enable AutoComplete control

  1. Auto complete will work on text fields (Single line of text).
  2. Let us assume, that we want autocomplete on the City Field on Account form.
  3. Add the “City” field to form.
  4. In field properties, navigate to the control tab and Add “Auto-Complete” control.
  5. Select the source options. You can select one of the 2 options
    • View (of an entity)
    • Option set

In this example., we are selecting a Custom entity “City” which has names of cities.

  1. Select View, and Edit the options to configure the data source for the view as below.

You need to enter the Entity Name and the View of that entity




  1. Configure the Field Option to select the field you want to bind the data. It can only be a Single line of text field.

    Configure Field for the Data


  1. Do not forget to set this control for Mobile and Tablet Forms like below:

    Select the control for Phone and Tablet
  2. You can now see the Auto complete functionality on the field on Mobile/ Tablet app like below:

    Mobile form with Auto complete Field
  3. We can achieve the same result using the Option set instead of Entity View.



Entity used in the View should be enabled for Phones, or else the Auto-Conplete will show error on the form.

Please put your comments for queries/ suggestions below


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